The 2019 provincial teams will represent British Columbia at the National Dodgeball Championships in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in the spring of 2019. There will be at least one male and one female team representing the province. Visit this page for details and updates as they become available. 

July 31, 2018:

After in-depth discussion and evaluation, Dodgeball BC is announcing significant changes to our 2019 provincial team qualification process. We believe these changes will address many of the issues present in the 2018 selection process, and help to encourage an overall more competitive and robust tryout for 2019.

For the 2019 National Championships, Dodgeball BC will host a qualifying tournament for teams of 6 to 8 players. This will be an open event - any group of 6 to 8 in either men’s or women’s divisions can register to compete. The tournament will consist of a round-robin stage followed by playoffs - the playoff winning team in each division will be appointed as our 2019 provincial teams, and travel to Charlottetown to compete in the National Championships. In the event that British Columbia is authorized by Dodgeball Canada to send two teams to the 2019 National Championships, the second-placing team in its entirety will be extended an invitation. If any team declines an invitation or cannot prove they have at least six of the original competing players willing to travel to Charlottetown in April 2019, their invitation will be rescinded and extended instead to the next highest-placing team in the tournament.

However, Dodgeball BC will only commit to hosting a qualifying tournament if four or more teams of 6-8 people register to compete in a division by the deadline of one month prior to the tryout date. If three or less teams register to compete, Dodgeball BC will consider the field of players to be insufficient for a robust tournament to take place, and will instead create randomized teams out of all the registered players. These teams will compete for two hours against each other under WDBF rules while being observed by a selection committee made up of five BC residents that have previously attended a National Championship. This selection committee will be responsible for building an 8-person team by assessing the skill, teamwork,and fair play of all the individuals present at the competition - Their final appointment of 8 people will be our 2019 provincial team. If one division meets the four-team minimum but the other does not, Dodgeball BC will run a tournament for the division meeting the minimum, and convene a selection committee for the other division.

These changes were made based on direct feedback from our membership, after a thorough examination of all potential models. We expect that a tournament-style qualification will allow for year-over-year training and development within dedicated teams, increasing cohesion and competitiveness. We also anticipate a tournament will introduce a higher level of competition to become the provincial team, demanding more of all participants and improving British Columbia’s showing at the National Championships. While we hope to run both divisions as tournaments, we recognize that having three or fewer teams would prevent the tournament style from working due to the insufficient amount of matches and lack of diverse competition. As a growing organization, we will continue to evaluate our processes in coming years to ensure our qualifications are as fair and competitive as possible. Please stay tuned for further details about tryout dates, location, registration, and the National Championship program.